Stuart Menzies Farrant

Singer, Songwriter & Producer


Over the last five years I have worked in offender learning. Currently I am working as Head of Music at HMP Whitemoor, delivering Music, Digital Media Production and Performing Arts courses. I continue to make music composing and producing new projects of various kinds. My recent music is inspired by my experiences of working with prison inmates who want to express their faith through music inside UK prisons.

Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano, clarinet, saxophone

Area of Expertise

Composer, Producer, Arranger
Lecturer in Music, Music Technology, Digital Media.
    • Singer, Songwriter, Producer
    • Music Technology Lecturer - Milton Keynes College
    • Charitable work with Lemos & Crane, Orchestras in Prisons, ' No Prisoners ' and The Koestler Trust.
    • Music Lecturer, Creative Digital Media Lecturer - PeoplePlus
    • Private Guitar, vocal and bass tutor 

    Work Experience

      • No Prisoners band
      • The Band - Atom Abe-Bass, Geoff Hewitt-Drums, Graham Thompson-Guitar​
      • Vision Group - Ev Podd-Vocals/Bass, Ellie Gage- Vocals
      • CMF - John Cowey-Acoustic Guitar
      • Zodiac/Viking - Pete Johnson, Lee Humphreys, Jonathan Tawn
      • Record Labels - Holier Than Thou Records, Visionland Music
      • Manager - Howard Dobson

      Live Performing