1. ByFaithTV
    'No Doubt' by SMF on By Faith TV.
  2. Jabulani Africa
    Members of the Victory Christian Centre, Entebbe Road, Kampala, perform 'Jabulani Africa' - 1997.
  3. Matrix Clip
    Sound design by SMF - 2008
  4. War of the Worlds Title clip
    Soundtrack by SMF - 2008
  5. War of the Worlds opening clip
    Soundtrack by SMF - 2008
  6. The Art of Guitar
    Guitar: The Ultimate Musical Interface
  7. That's What Everybody Tells Me
    (C) 2017 Visionland Music
  8. The Stranger
    Words & Music by Stuart Menzies Farrant
  9. Tears To My Soul
    From the Presence album
  10. Tell Me No Lies
    New track from Stuart Menzies Farrant.
  11. Answers
    From the album Give Up Yourself by Stuart Menzies Farrant
  12. Patiently
    Patiently by Stuart Menzies Farrant